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[sticky post] Sticky Post: Some Light Curation

It has come to my attention that this journal is something of a mess. It lacks structure and proper quality control. There are things posted here that I don't particularly like anymore, but I hate it when links die, so I'm not going to take anything down.  Instead, I will make an effort to direct you intrepid few remaining readers toward what you might enjoy.  So here is a lightly curated guide to works of daphnaea:

Battlestar Galactica fic:
It's Her Party: Your average post-apocalyptic birthday bash. (PG-13, Kara, Lee, ensemble)
Anatomy of a Triangle: Cheating cheaters who have feels. (PG-13, Kara, Lee, Anastasia)
Angle of Descent: The epic lust of Kara & Lee spans years and continents, lives ruined and blood shed. (R, srsly this is just a very long history-of-relationship story but I still like it)
Fingers in the Mire: Bitterness and crash landings. (PG-13, Starbuck & Apollo)
The Strange Dividends of Parapraxis: In which Lee and Kara learn to use their words. (PG-13, Starbuck & Apollo)
Simulations: Summer vacation. (PG-13, Kara, Zak, Lee)
The Reasons: Kara manages to write a letter containing relatively little profanity. (PG-13, Starbuck & Apollo)
Under the Shadow: Frakked-up sex. (NC-17, Kara & Lee)

Harry Potter fic:
Heat the Winter Floods: Sirius learns something new every day. (PG-13? Remus & Sirius, Post-Hogwarts)
A Little Sincerity Is a Dangerous Thing: A sort-of sequel to the above. (PG-13, Remus & Sirius, Post-Hogwarts)
The Red and the Black (The Neverland Remix): Sirius Black is reading The Communist Manifesto. Remus Lupin is reading Peter Pan. (PG-13, MWPP, ok if I had the power to edit this I would change how the politics are handled, but it still has some good parts)

X-Files fic: One of Those Nights: Scully thinks things over.  Not as boring as it sounds. (R? Scully & Mulder)

Friday Night Lights fic: The World Outside the Windows: Tyra/Landry cuteness, very little plot.

a Sorry-in-the-Vale interlude

in which I offer a missing scene from Sarah Rees Brennan's Unspoken.

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Ficlet #2 for wisteria_'s porn battle.  First in the fandom for me...

Title: The World Outside the Windows
Author: daphnaea
Pairing: Tyra/Landry
Summary: “Oh come on,” she says, forcing herself into it because Tyra is a lot of things but she isn’t a coward, “you know I don’t belong here.”
Word Count: 1,354



X-Files Fic - One of Those Nights

So I wrote this for wisteria_'s porn battle, which seemed like an excellent opportunity to dip my toes into fandoms I don't usually write in.  X-Files was my first internet fandom, and I haven't written in it since, well, last century.  I envision this as set somewhere in the Season 5-7 range, but it's really not specific.  Expect to see more of these little ficlets over the next week...

Title: One of Those Nights
Author: daphnaea
Pairing: Mulder/Scully
Summary: Actually there is no plot, and not even in a very p0rny way.  This is just Scully, driving her car on a Saturday afternoon and predicting the future.
Word Count: 1388

Fic: The Strange Dividends of Parapraxis

Yes, I know I've disappeared off the face of the earth. But I am in fact still alive, and today there is even fic. I wouldn't necessarily count on it happening again soon...

Title: The Strange Dividends of Parapraxis
Author: daphnaea
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Takes place in the timespan from "Kobol's Last Gleaming" to "Home."
Characters: Kara and Lee, with a small side-order of Helo
Summary: Starbuck, Apollo, and the fine art of communication.
Words: 4,027
Disclaimer: Not mine.

A/N: Written for empirex1020, who requested "post-Kobol's Last Gleaming fic, set anytime after the episode... Somehow Lee finds out about Kara's slip of the tongue when she slept with Baltar. Kara POV and Lee POV would be cool. Bonus points if you can squeeze in Helo and Sharon," and also said "I've yet to come across a fic that dealt with this subject matter in a satisfactory manner." For the record, Empire and anyone else who feels that way should go read leda13's fabulous "Overheard." Anyhow, this took too long to write and probably isn't quite what you had in mind, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

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The day of the remix reveal is upon us, so I guess it's time to fess up - many of you probably won't be interested in this, as it has nothing to do with pilots of any variety whatsoever, but for the record I wrote:

Title: The Red and the Black (The Neverland Remix)
Author: daphnaea
Summary: Sirius is reading The Communist Manifesto. Somehow, Remus knows, this will end in disaster.
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Original Story: “Marked” by elucreh
Notes: Many thanks to my beta, such_heights, without whom I would have torn much more of my hair out, for pointing out mistakes and also telling me that I could do this.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

It's Remix Day!

Hello there, flist.  Long time, no talk.  The sad truth is that due to changes in living conditions I am waaay behind in BSG, though I suppose now I have plenty of time to catch up.  However, I've come to let you know that someone who remains temporarily anonymous has written a really cool remix of my fic, "The Reasons."  You should go read "A Sunny Day in Tartarus" over at the Remix Redux community, which opened today with (I hear) 325 fics in 77 fandoms.  And yes, I wrote one myself, and all I'm saying is that it is not BSG, so don't bother speculating in that direction. 

Fic: Anatomy of a Triangle

Title: Anatomy of a Triangle
Author: daphnaea
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Through "The Eye of Jupiter," and certain scenes might not entirely make sense if you haven't seen "Unfinished Business"
Characters: Kara, Lee, Dee, the various ships entailed therein
Summary: I’m sorry, but we have to end this, he thinks for the thousandth time.
Words: 2,243
Disclaimer: Not mine.

A/N:I know that technically there are four people involved and thus the triangle thing is not entirely apt, but I just don't get Sam enough as a character to write him. So tough. Also, I have no explanation for why there are five parts. Three or nine or something would have been more thematic, but it didn't work out that way. *shrug*

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BSG Fic: Fingers in the Mire

Title: Fingers in the Mire
Author: daphnaea
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Through 2.20 (season 3 spec, NO season 3 spoilers)
Characters: Kara, Lee (UST if you want to read it that way)
Summary: “This planet frakking blows,” Starbuck said with heartfelt bitterness.
Words: 5,685
Disclaimer: Not mine.

A/N: This story was a bitch to write, but it's done now, so here it is. Not pre-approved by anyone, so everything is entirely my fault, but it was written for indigo419 and hushpuppy22, who sort of asked for it.

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Greek mythology fic: A Small Blade

As requested! A thing!

Title: A Small Blade
Author: daphnaea
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,931
Disclaimer: None! This is mine!
A/N: This is about Andromeda. If you are not familiar with her story, a summary can be found here, although it may make sense on its own.

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